Week Four

Maths this week has been very interactive and exciting. We have been exploring how to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 using whole numbers and decimals.  Miss Spencer was a fantastic, albeit very stubborn, decimal point.  The children enjoyed being numbers and demonstrating how the numbers increase and change when they are multiplied by demonstrating are the front of the class how numbers change.  We will post some photographs so you can see how much fun the children had whilst cementing their knowledge.


In English we have been incorporating History and Geography as we begin our new theme South Africa.  We opened our lessons by exploring what the children knew about South Africa, which allowed the children to discuss some of the excellent homework they have been completing at home. Nelson Mandela and Apartheid were pivotal discussion points. The children were incredibly mature throughout and it was evident that they were moved by the plight of Black South Africans. The working walls created by the children's ideas about South Africa are full of amazing ideas and I am really excited about exploring this topic in more detail with them.


Today we went to the Circus!  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves - I am sure they will try to show you! Watch out if your children own hula hoops and basketballs!