Week Nine- 6th November

Dear parents and children of M5!


This week, in Maths, we have been learning about properties of a number, for example factors and multiples, so ask us to explain what they are and give you some examples to show off our understanding! In the Week in Pictures section, there is a multiple or factor game for you to play at home, check it out and we can share our experiences in class next week.


In English, we have continued with our book, Journey to Jo'burg with a focus on the characters within the story. For the main character, we created a character profile, really getting to understand her as a person.


We were also given the task to think of ways we could improve our local community and suggestions we came up with included parks, nature gardens and a local café.


Miss Fiddler has introduced something called Hot Chocolate Friday, where the class teacher chooses someone who has shown outstanding learning across the week. This person then joins all the other nominated children to have hot chocolate with Miss Fiddler and Stormzy (not drinking the hot chocolate, just playing!) Well done to Ruby from M5 for being our first Hot Chocolate Friday winner!


This week's section was again written by another group of M5 members, well done and thank you for summing up our week! Have a lovely weekend.