Week One

Welcome to Year 5!


What a fabulous and exciting start to this academic year! Well done B5 for settling in so well and for an amazing start to our new Year together. The week started with us thinking about what dreams are and the importance of having dreams. We discussed what our personal dreams were and what we dreamed of achieving at school. In true Roald Dahl style, we then created our own dream jars, personalising them so they were unique to us. Please when you are next in school come and look at the fabulous work your children did as the Jars are up on display at the entrance to our classroom.


As we have started a new academic year, we believed that it was essential to create a class pledge. The pledge was created by your children - they worked hard together to create statements that would help them succeed as a class. The children then had to vote for the statements that they felt was most relevant and necessary for them as a class. Our pledge is displayed inside our classroom surrounded by the children's hands, which they have decorated. The fingers display a strength and the palm has two weaknesses that we are going to work on this year, as we are determined to make them strengths!


Our week was very much focused around the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. The children loved the story and enjoyed hearing the letters the crayons wrote to Duncan explaining why they had quit. It allowed us to discuss feeling and emotions and the children also discussed times when they had felt similar to the crayons. The children talked very honestly and openly and it was truly lovely to hear them speak in this way. This work then allowed us to think about what we appreciated about each other; so the children had to consider what they appreciated about the people in their group and tell them. It allowed the children to create a postcard with three statements, which illustrated what others appreciated about them. I think it is invaluable to know how others appreciate you and I hope the children benefitted from knowing this!


It wouldn't be right to not tell you about how else we worked together as a team this week...The Big Bounce! On two separate occasions we had the opportunity to go to the hall, once with Miss Djora and the other with Miss Fiddler, and Bounce! The huge inflatable doughnut ring allowed us to obviously bounce, but most importantly unite and work together as a class to succeed. The children needed to cooperate, listen and communicate effectively in order to succeed. The children were beyond excited and I am very proud of how they pulled together to succeed, especially as their were a few children who were not confident with some of the tasks; however they encouraged and supported these children to ensure they felt safe and able to join in. I think I need to improve my bouncing but your children had it down to a fine art!


I hope we bounce into next week with continued enthusiasm and dedication. A great start B5 - I am very proud of all you achieved this week!