Week One

It has been a cold, wet return to school this week and we have been immersing ourselves in Science this week


On Monday we had the hilarity of the smelling experiment where the children took a risk and smelt a variety of different concoctions.  They then thought about what vocabulary they could use to describe them and think about any memories that the smells gave them.  We discovered that some children have got a really heightened sense of smell and I wondered whether we would make it to the end of the lesson in 1 piece!  Thankfully we did and then we used our Guided Reading session to understand how our sense of smell works.


On Wednesday we finished our Animals including Humans topic with an experiment on how the digestive system works.  The children will never look at orange juice and crackers again and I need to go and buy more tights!  Ask the children why!


In English we have been linking to our Science exploration of senses by studying the figurative language in the Memory Senses poem.  We have been thinking about our own happy memories linked to our senses and are producing poems based on this.


In Maths, we have started learning about fractions and this will be our focus for the whole half term.  We have been learning what a unit or a non unit fraction is and then finding fractions of numbers.  We have been using bar models to understand how to show what a fraction of a number looks like.


In RE we have been learning about identity and how different faiths show their identity. The children thought about themselves and how they show their identity.