Week One- 25th February

Science Week

In M5, we have been doing lots of investigations during Science Week. We were first looking at what you would notice as you age, a lady called Rosie came to talk to us about it. Next, we were looking at catapults and how they are used today, we made some of our own and had catapult competitions! Later on during Science Week, we went to the park with M3 and we were investigating all the different forces being used around us. Another experiment we did was to look at cress seeds how they would develop depending on different environments they were placed in. We saw M3 again, when we were learning about magnets and air rockets, we even made some of our own! On Friday, we did an extraordinary task, which was dissecting owl pellets, it was very interesting, if a little disgusting with all the different skeletons we found in them!

As you can see, M5 really enjoyed Science Week.

Written by Isabella and Daisy