Week Six - 9th October

Our penultimate week of this half term has been just as jam packed with learning as the previous weeks! Tuesday saw us going to our last swimming session, where we were able to put all of our discussion on team work and building relationships into action, by cheering and supporting one another. Well done to everyone, we have some fantastic swimmers in M5.


For the last few weeks, in Music, we have been working on an entry for a competition run by Watford Palace Theatre. The theme was Treasure Island and so after listening to many, traditional and modern Sea Shanties, we created our own class version. To get into the spirit of sea life, we dressed up as pirates and made our way down to Bushey and Oxhey’s pirate ship, after all what kind of pirates would we be without a ship to sail? Watch one take of our entry song in our Pictures This Week section.


Continuing with our theme, South Africa, we finally began to read Journey to Jo’burg. With so much background knowledge and understanding of the context of the story, we were able to generate fantastic vocab, questions and discussion from just the first chapter. We then, as a class, wrote a diary entry from the main character’s point of view. We will continue to write diary entries next week, from other perspectives. Can you think of anything to add to our vocab bank which might support our learning?


To consolidate and deepen our understanding of place value, in Maths, we have become teachers of rounding. When posed with a selection of work with mistakes, we had to unpick the learning and misconceptions behind the mistakes. We then had to say how we would teach the correction of this learning. This included drawing diagrams, using resources and writing clear explanations. We are all fab teachers in M5!