Week Ten - 13th November

This week has been a busy one, as usual!


In Art, we are building up to creating a painting of a savanna setting on a canvas, they have a space waiting in school for them to be displayed, so now we need to let our creative sides out! Keep your eyes peeled for the finished products!


In Maths, we have been working successfully in our Maths groups on: prime and composite numbers, common factors and multiples. Next week are going to begin looking at a range of strategies to add and subtract, learning to pick the most effective method.


In English, we have been using role play, character hot seating and questioning to find out how one event may be interpreted differently by someone else. We then re-wrote a chapter from the book Journey to Jo’burg from the white policeman’s perspective, imaging how he would have felt during that time.


Thank you to members of M5 for writing this week’s update and thank you to all the parents who I met with during Parent Consultation meetings, it was lovely to spend time sharing all the successes of your children.