Week Thirteen- 4th December

The lead up to Christmas is always a busy time in school and this week has been no different! We have been reflecting on our trip to the zoo further, considering whether or not zoos still have a place in modern society. We were able to recognise that, on an educational note, we had been able to get a lot from the zoo and visiting had moved our learning forward. On the other hand, there was also an aspect of the zoo which we were not convinced was fair on the animals, particularly the size of some cages in smaller zoos. Using all of our class discussion, we wrote up balanced arguments which we will be continuing next week.


In Science, we used our knowledge about giraffes for extended writing, explaining the features, adaptations and behaviour we had learnt about. This led us to thinking about the baby giraffes, calfs, which we saw at Whipsnade. We learnt that another word for pregnancy was gestation and began comparing the gestation times of larger mammals, giraffes, to smaller ones, like a mouse. We identified there was a considerable difference in size and gestation time, resulting in a conclusion that there must be a relationship between size and gestation. Having compared only two mammals, we knew this was not enough evidence to reach a firm conclusion and used secondary data to investigate the pattern further. We represented data in a scatter graph, which allowed us to see a clear pattern between both size and life span with gestation times, although there are some exceptions.


Next week is a busy week, with two pantomimes,  auditions, Christmas lunch and Secrets Room to name a few exciting events!