Week Three - 18th September

This week, we have finished sending our Pea Green crayon, Esteban the Magnificent, on adventures all around the world, from Dubai to Botswana to New York. In our Week in Pictures section read our Golden Ticket winner, Oliver’s story where Pea Green escapes to France.


In Maths, we have been concentrating on place value, reading and writing numbers in the standard and expanded form. We have been developing our understanding by encouraging each other to explain and convince, providing examples of our understanding. Maths talk in M5 has been fantastic! Hot topics of conversation this week have been mostly based around our research and data found in Atlases. We have been to comparing and ordering distances, population, average family sizes and land area across the world.


An area in this class which we are continuing to build on is friendships and working together. We know we are all different and unique, with individual opinions and ideas but we are also one big team. Our challenge this afternoon was to work together to recreate our reading space. We have now planned for our reading area to be transformed into a giant jungle! If you have anything which you think would be well suited to our book corner, please send it in or get in touch! Our revamp of the reading area then filtered out into the classroom itself, where we have now created a learning space which we feel works for us. We look forward to you coming in to experience this for yourselves soon!


While we have been exploring the world, we are now beginning to narrow down our exploration to South Africa. If again, you have anything you think would fit this topic, please get in touch!