Week Three

This week the children explored the World!From the snow encapsulated peaks of Nepal to the luscious rainforest of Brazil and we have the postcards to prove it! Their Esteban adventure stories have proved to be great fun to read, we can't wait to share with you. 


In Maths we continue to build on our Place Value knowledge.  To enable the children to cement their knowledge they have participated in a number of activities including partitioning numbers and playing games. Visualising what a number looks like and understanding how a number is created, is vital to their confidence with numbers. I am very proud of their efforts.


The children's Picasso paintings are outstanding and they really have embraced Picasso's style but also reflected who they are in their pieces.  Mrs Rook had a fabulous idea of how to present their work and I have to say the display looks amazing - again we can't wait to share it with you!