Week three

This week in Maths we have been working on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.  We have been using a place value grid to see how the numbers can move backwards and forwards and how a place holder or place holders drop in to keep the numbers in place.  We have been working hard to eliminate the idea that the decimal point moves (it most definitely does NOT) and how we don't just "add a zero" because if you add zero to any number, the number doesn't change its value.  If you are working with you children at home on this, please encourage them to use the correct vocabulary as it is through doing that their understanding is consolidated.


In English, we have continued to work on our newspaper reports and watched an animated film about a lighthouse keeper who is rescued by villagers when his lighthouse breaks down in the middle of a storm.  The children played the role of journalists and we used drama to explore what questions we would ask witnesses of the incident and thought about how they might answer.  We have planned our writing ready to start the formal writing process next week.


In Geography, we have begun our new topic of Global Caretakers and we began to learn how to use sources to investigate a new country and we worked on techniques on how to find, remember, organise and record important information. 


In Art, the children have continued to work on their designs for Greek mythology and in DT they have made cheerful, pine cone Christmas elves ready to decorate the dining room next week.


I know there have been some teething problems with RM Maths; Miss Scott and I are working to sort them out.  I attempted to see how long a session was the other day and was still on 1 hour later!  If this is happening to you, end the session after about 15 minutes.  The result will be recorded and the work won't be lost.  Do stick with it though even if it seems as though the same questions are repeated frequently.  The program does show really great results over time.


I have noticed a dip in the amount of times that TT Rockstars is being played by some children in the class.  Please encourage your child to go on once a day to really master those times tables.


Finally, I was pleased to see an increase in the number of children who had read the requited amount of 7 times in a week but we are still not at 100%.  Please make sure that you are listening to your child read out loud everyday and talking about what has been read.  There are lots of questions on our class page to help you know what to talk about when they are reading if you aren't sure where to start.  Reading with fluency and understanding underpins all learning and it is essential that we work on this together.