Week Three

Another week gone and more fraction work covered.  We can now add and subtract fractions above 1 whole and find equivalent fractions using a fraction wall.  We are starting to move towards finding equivalent fractions in the abstract now that we are secure with both concrete and pictorial representations.  It is really important that children have a secure understanding of each of the stages so that gaps aren't created by moving on too quickly.


In English we are knee-deep in writing our final pieces to discuss whether Henry VIII was an awful person and a terrible King or maybe just misunderstood.  The children have been reading both primary and secondary sources and deciding whether they support that statement or oppose it.  We have enjoyed using different conjunctions in our oral work and I hope to see a range in the final piece of writing.  


Also in History, we have have been researching the 6 wives of Henry and how they each met and married him and how their marriages turned out.  We write accounts of their marriages from the point of view of someone who knew them trying to incorporate as much historical information as possible.  


In Art the children have been making Tudor Roses after researching how and why it exists.  I am really excited to see the final product!


All of Guided Reading this week has been linked to our History and the children are really developing their comprehension skills.  We learnt how to skim and scan earlier in the week and are working hard to answer comprehension questions in full sentences.