Week Twelve- 27th November

This week, our learning has been very much focused around our trip to the zoo on Thursday. Having been learning about South Africa for the Autumn term, unfortunately we couldn’t get as close to taking them to see the real thing, so the Africa section of the Whipsnade was our next best option! In geography, we have been investigating the climate of the Savanna, and while it was nothing like that here on the day of our trip, we braved the cold and spent a day full of learning during two workshops. Our first workshop gave us the opportunity to get extremely close to the giraffes, to study their behaviour, while the second workshop allowed us to stroke a snake! Back at school, our learning has been supporting our zoo trip with: creating fact-files, zoo maths, learning about adaptations and much more!


Elsewhere, we learnt a lesson in resilience this week, with our Christmas hoops. It took us several attempts to find the right design for our Christmas decoration. In the end, we make a class Christmas wreath by using hands which we cut out to show we all work together as a team. The individually, we wrote messages about what Christmas means to us. Come and have a look!