Week Two

What a fun and exciting week of learning!


Day the Crayons Came Home' was at the heart of all our learning this week. We blended our English, Maths and Geography curriculum as a result of the ideas from the book. The children used atlases to discover a new and exciting place from every continent. iPads were used to research the place in more detail - for example culture, traditions, language, currency and time zone. The children also discovered how far away the place was from Bushey; the different modes of travel you could use to get there including the quickest and cheapest routes - although some children insisted only First Class would do! The purpose of all the research was to enable the children to plan an adventure story for Esteban the Great (Formerly known as Pea Green Crayon). I am really looking forward to reading their final drafts next week!


I was not allowed into school on Wednesday as The High Witch from Roald Dahl's The Witches took my place, I was far too scared to argue with her! I heard that she taught your children well despite greeting them all with "Bad Morning!". It seems that wasn't the only strange occurrence as rumour has it that Willy Wonka led a music assembly alongside an Oompah Lumpa. The Twits were also terrorising the children at various points throughout the day, and I apologise if your children came home smelly and dirty as a result. I am sure next week will see all the teachers back in their rightful places.


The week ended on a high with the children performing in a celebratory Roald Dahl assembly. The children had worked enthusiastically to produce their own Dirty Beasts poem which the rest of the school enjoyed hearing.


Well done B5 another great week!