Week Two- 10th September

Class Write

In the dead of the night, the heavens opened and Pea Green, who was frightfully scared of thunderstorms, felt anxious. The lightning was piercing the belly of the sky and as a loud crashing noise came from above. He had no choice. Surreptitiously, he snuck into Duncan’s pencil case to take cover.

The next morning, as Duncan opened the door, with a loud creak, Pea Green heard the frantic pitter patter of the raindrops slapping angrily on the roof, as loud as an elephant’s stampede. He decided grudgingly to stay put, he didn’t want to be a nuisance, but he didn’t want to feel the ice cold drops slashing against his face. Inside Duncan’s house, he was simply Pea Green but as soon as the pencil case crossed the boundary of the door into the outside world, suddenly he became Esteban the Great ready for an adventure!

But where would that adventure take place? Would it be dangerous, would it be fun, would it be fatal…?


Here are some examples of how individuals continued the story...