Week two

In our learning this week, we have been looking at worded problems with both 1 and 2 steps using all 4 of the different operations.  We have been using bar models to help us to picture the problems.  As a class, we have found this quite challenging but we have been working on our resilience and independence and thinking what we can use to help get ourselves out of our "learning pit".


In English we have published our myths and these are up in the classroom and the corridors.  We have started on hour next type of writing:newspapers.  This week we have been learning all about the features of a newspaper and looking at a model text based on the true story of Zeraffa Giraffa which has been turned into a beautiful picture book.  Next week, we will be applying the writing skills that we have learned and writing a newspaper article a different story.


In Art, the children looked at Greek patterns to link with their work on myths and in Computing we have been learning all about animation.  The children have enjoyed designing their own animations and can practise at home.  Anything that they are really proud of, they can send it to me via Purple Mash.


We have also sent home the log ins for RM Maths which is the new online Maths programme for mental maths that we are trialing in Year 4.  As with all of these things, there have been some technical glitches and it doesn't appear to work on iPads yet.  If you have access to a laptop of a computer, the children will be able to log in successfully on them.  As soon as I know more about the iPad situation, I will update you.  Please encourage your children to go on as frequently as they can;the more they practise, the better they will get.  the questions will seem simple at first but they soon adapt to the level of the child.


Finally, I have posted an example page of what I expect a weeks' spelling practices to look like and include as I think that there hadn't been sufficient clarity for the children.  The children are expected to practise their spellings 5 times per week and I have given examples of how they could lay it out in the photo and the different types of practice they could do.  They should always be writing the words in sentences to show that they have good understanding of what the word means.  Please date each practice too.