Week:10 November 15 19

This week  In Maths, we spent time revising various mental strategies for addition and subtraction and then, with the support of partner discussion, selected efficient and appropriate strategies for a range of calculations. Towards the end of the week, we consolidated our understanding of the column method through completing a variety of problem solving tasks. 


In English we have been writing our biographies about Nelson Mandela. We used our research and notes from the previous week to produce an informative piece of work that included the features of a biography. Our main grammar focus for the week was sentence structures. We discussed the differences between simple, compound and complex sentences and then tried hard to use a variety of sentence structures within our own writing. 


In Science this week we have been learning about Jane Goodall  who is an anthropologist, best known for studying chimpanzees in the wild. The children learned facts about her and her love for chimpanzees. One of her favorite toys as a child was a toy chimpanzee which she loved to play with. Jane fell in love with Africa and decided to stay. She met British archaeologist Louis Leakey who offered her a job studying chimpanzees. Jane was so excited. She moved to the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania and began to observe the Chimpanzees. Using key information the children created  posters for an advert asking for others to save the chimpanzees by donating money to the Jane Goodall's Institute Charty. 


Check out week 10 images of best work now displayed in the classroom.