Weeks 4 to 6

During weeks 4 and 5, we have been understanding how to solve 2 and 3 digit by 1 digit division problems using the formal written method of long division. We began by visualising the question with place value counters and then applying that knowledge to a long division written frame. We now have a much better understanding of division! If you would like to see an example of this method, please ask us to show you! 

We have finished our journey work in art, along with poetry writing in English, and we are looking forward to inviting you to our Year 4 End of Half Term Gallery, which will be open next Friday afternoon from 2:30pm. Refreshments will be served! Our poems are based on 'A Small Dragon' by Brian Patten and explore the journey we would take if we found an unusual creature in our garden! 

In science, we have continued looking at how to classify animals into their groups, and how to design classification keys to identify particular species. 

Next week, we are moving on to non-chronological reports based on our favourite animals and finishing off division work. If you were hoping to see more Gaveston Hall pictures, Miss Gregory has included further memories below! 

Further Gaveston Hall pictures!